Code of Conduct

No Cheating!!!

With the emphasis on the tournaments at Let’s Play, cheating is considered the highest treason. At the least, you can expect expulsion from the Expo; the most, one thousand years… frozen in carbonite!!

No Stealing!!!

Face it, stealing isn’t cool. From vendors, from attendees, or from the convention hall. Let’s Play Gaming Expo will not put up with theft, simply stated!

No Harassing!

Everyone should feel free to hang loose at Let’s Play. Which means the expo is a harassment-free zone. Let’s Play doesn’t tolerate:

Teasing, bullying, jokes, compliments, innuendo, unnuendo, gestures, intimidation or threats, touching or grabbing, stalking or following, inappropriate photography or recording, heckling of any kind, unwelcome sexual attention, or use of social media to target, harass or threaten individuals or groups based on gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, age or religion, or anything else we can’t think of but could be taken the wrong way.

Smack talk during tournaments is encouraged, but not if it’s mean spirited.


First, contact a Let’s Play volunteer about whatever is taking place. They will let management know and one of the following actions:

Incidents of violence and harassment are documented and reports filed with local authorities. All information relating to the victims of violence or harassment is considered confidential unless otherwise required by law, overriding public health and safety concerns, or authorized by the parties in question.

These rules apply equally to all Expo attendees, staff, volunteers, speakers, and vendors.

Irving Convention Center Event Hall Policies

The service hallways, technical mezzanine, rear loading dock and any other areas marked “employees only‟ are to be considered off-limits to all visitors unless accompanied by a staff member.


Purchase or receipt of an event ticket, hand stamp, or badge signifies your agreement with this policy and breaking a rule means no refunds. Period.

Photography Policy

Photography and video recording is welcome and encouraged at Let’s Play. Admittance to the expo means consent to be filmed and recorded.