Here’s the deal. You bring your arcade cabinet, we give you free passes! It’s that simple! Well, kinda.

Here are the important questions you must ask yourself:

Can you get your machines to the Expo?

Can you set them up for free play? (No pay mode, fool!)

Can you let attendees play them all weekend?

What’s in it for you?

You get a FREE weekend pass! We’ll give you one free weekend pass to the Expo for every machine you donate to the Arcade. (4 passes, tops!)

Sell Your Stuff!

Is your machine for sale? Then sell it at the expo!

Get Vendor Space!

Single booth = 6 arcade or 4 pinball machines

Double booth = 12 arcade or 8 pinball machines

Triple booth = 18 arcade or 12 pinball machines

The Fine Print

Machines need to be working. No project cabs, please!

Be sure to mark your machine! Name on the back of the door would be smart.

NO MAME!!! (Not to be confused with the group founded by Al Bundy, No Ma’am!)

It is recommended that the owner wrap each game in plastic for transport. Don’t be a fool, wrap your tools!

They will be played during the expo! They will receive normal wear and tear. Let’s Play is not responsible for damages.

Machines must have grounded (3-prong) plugs, a main fuse with the correct rating installed, and a ground connection to the control panel or lockdown bar and coin door.

Let’s Play must have keys to every lock. Or if you jimmie your machine open with a screwdriver like a young Axel Foley, then we need to know that, too! A marked key ring would be great, though!

Let’s Play Gaming Expo cannot handle transportation of machines. Of course, there are always exceptions to the rules. Do you have a large collection? Do you have a Predator Pinball? That’s a different story altogether and you should to contact us directly.

All machines will be under supervision for the duration of the expo, but we take no responsibility for damages that may occur during the expo.